Photos of the ILS/LRD Liposome Advances Conference held in Athens at the Royal Olympic Hotel during 16-18 September 2017

All photos kindly provided by Terry Allen

The Parthenon at night as seen from the Royal Olympic Hotel roof

Presentation of the A.D. Bangham FRS Life Achievement Award to Dr. Walter Shaw by Gregory Gregoriadis in the presence of Mrs Rowena Shaw

About the award: Original Cycladic figurines, carved in marble were produced during the third millennium BC. They were remarkable for their abstract simplicity which is believed to have inspired artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore. Cycladic art originates from the Cyclades, a group of some thirty islands ‎in the Aegean sea including Naxos and Paros, known for the quality of their marble. The ancient Greeks called these islands the Kyklades, imagining them as a circle (Kyklos) around the island of Delos, the sanctuary of the God Apollo.

The present award, a bronze Cycladic head mounted on marble, is a reproduction of an original at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. It has been cast using the traditional “lost wax” method. As this is not mass-produced, there are slight variations in patination and colour.

‎Each piece, therefore, is unique.

Conference participants at the Award ceremony

Conference participants with the Acropolis shown

Groups of participants at the Conference Dinner

Participants from the University of Athens provided enthusiastic assistance during the Conference

Acknowledgement: The organiser wishes to thank the following for their generous sponsorship of the Conference: Merck & Cie, Avanti Polar Lipids Inc, Gilead Corp., Polymun Scientific, ALSaTECH and DEMO AE.


ILS Liposome Advances and Liposome Research Days Combined Conference


16th-18th September 2017, Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens
(Organiser: Gregory Gregoriadis)

Programme Topics
# Liposome technology and interaction of liposomes with the body
# Targeted and long-circulating liposomes
# Liposome-based conventional and genetic vaccines
# Liposomes in cancer, antimicrobial and nucleic acid therapeutics
# Regulatory, industrial and intellectual property aspects

The Conference venue is located at the foot of the Acropolis hill, under the Parthenon, nearby the ruins of the temple of the Olympian Zeus

International Liposome Society

List of Speakers

Terry Allen (Canada), Carl Alving (USA), Sophia Antimisiaris (Greece), Chezy Barenholz (Israel), Martin Brandl (Denmark), Pieter Cullis (Canada), Costas Demetzos (Greece), Alberto Gabizon (Israel), Gregory Gregoriadis (England), Steve Hart (England), Leaf Huang (USA), Tatsuhiro Ishida (Japan), Andrew Janoff (USA), Gerard Jensen (USA), Jan Kamps (The Netherlands), Hiroshi Kikuchi (Japan), David Lanar (USA), Panos Macheras (Greece), Kazuo Maruyama (Japan), Gary Matyas (USA), Claude Nicolau (USA), Naoto Oku (Japan), Yvonne Perrie (Scotland), Mangala Rao (USA), Daniel Scherman (France), Raymond Schifellers (The Netherlands), Avi Schroeder (Israel), Walter Shaw (USA), Gert Storm (The Netherlands), Francis Szoka (USA), Vladimir Torchilin (USA), Andreas Wagner (Austria)

Call for Abstracts: One page (any style) abstracts are invited for Poster presentation. A number of abstracts will be selected for Podium presentation.

Conference Registration Form

Hotel Accommodation In The Acropolis Area

Royal Olympic Hotel, 28-34 Diakou Street, tel. +30 210 92 88 531
15 Single and 10 Double rooms reserved for the nights of 15 to 18 September
For room reservation, room prices and cancellation policy click here.

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Please note Greece is expected to have a record number of visitors this summer. Early arrangements for accommodation are strongly advised.