Complete Conference Programme


Registration (Royal Olympic; lobby level):
15 September, 3.00-8.00 PM (Area close to Kallirroe Hall; to be indicated)
16 September, during Coffee Breaks AM and PM (Outside Kallirroe Hall)
17 September, during Coffee Breaks AM and PM (Outside Kallirroe Hall)

Lectures (Kallirroe Hall); 25 min including discussion.
16-18 September, 9.00 AM-12.30 PM and 2.00-6.00 PM

Short Communications (*marked); Kallirroe Hall ; 15 min including discussion.

Poster Presentations (Templar’s Hall; lobby level close to Kallirroe Hall).
To be mounted on 15 September PM and displayed during 16-18 September

Exhibits (Avanti Polar Lipids; Inabata America Corp.; Polymun Scientific; Precision Nanosystems Inc.). (Templar’s Hall).

Coffee Breaks (Templar’s Hall).
30 min, AM and PM

Mid-day Snacks (Templar’s Hall).
12.30-2.00 PM, 16-18 September

Welcome Reception (Templar’s Hall).
16 September, 6.30-8.00 PM

Conference Dinner (The hotel’s Ioannis Roof Garden Restaurant).
17 September, 7.00-9.30 PM


Progress in Drug and Vaccine Delivery

16-18 September 2017, Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens




Saturday 16 September


Gregoriadis (UK): Liposomes -The Future and the Past


The Liposome Carrier: Drug Delivery and Technology

Chair: Gregoriadis

Storm (The Netherlands): Liposome Advances: Debated but here   to stay.

Macheras(Greece):Biopharmaceutical classification of medicines:
An ever evolving field.

Perrie (UK): On demand production of liposomes

*Hussain (UK): High-throughput manufacturing of ovalbumin-loaded liposomes using microfluidics.


Coffee Break


Chair: Wagner (UK)

Szoka(USA): Going back to the well: A new approach to the remote loading of sparingly soluble drugs into liposomes.

Kikuchi (Japan): Animal species and the design of liposomal formulations: Problems and solutions.

Demetzos (Greece); The complexity of the liposomal membrane as an obstacle to producing nanosimilars: Biophysical and thermodynamic considerations.

*Pippa(Greece): Mixed lipid/polymer nanosystems: Bio-inspired mimetics of cellular structure and drug delivery applications.

*Naziris(Greece): Connecting morphology with the thermodynamic and biophysical properties of pH-responsive chimeric nanosystems.


Mid-day Snack


PM  Chair: Barenholz(Israel)


Shaw(USA): When bad things happen to good samples: The good, the bad and the scary of lipid mass spectroscopy.

Jensen (USA): The care and feeding of a commercial liposomal product: Liposomal amphotericin B (AmBisome R)

Wagner(Austria):Translating regulatory requirements into clinical products: A CMO perspective.

*Koutsoulas(Austria):GMP liposome production from microfluidics to large scale using Polymun’s proprietary ethanol injection technology.

*Metselaar(The Netherlands): Preclinical and clinical IV investigation of PEG-liposomal corticosteroid in dialysis patients.

Coffee Break


Chair: Scherman (France)

Association of European Professors Emeriti

Invited announcement by Professor Dennis Cokkinos

Liposomes: Immunoadjuvants and Immunotherapy

(USA): Rational basis for creation and selection of liposomal adjuvant formulations for HIV-1 vaccine.

(ALF) as adjuvants for vaccines.

M Rao (USA): Immune responses to HIV-1 envelope protein induced by Army Liposome Formulation adsorbed on Alum (ALFA).

*V. Rao (USA):Delivery of vaccines, genes and proteins into mammalian cells using the bacteriophage T4 DNA packaging machine.


Sunday 17 September

AM     Liposomes: Immunoadjuvants and Immunotherapy

Chair: Alving


Matyas(USA): ALF and ALFQ are potent adjuvants for non-human primates.

Lanar (USA): Analysis of immune responses to a nanoparticle anti-malarial vaccine formulated in ALF.

Ishida(Japan): Immunological response to PEGylated nanoparticles: Anti-PEG antibody issues.

*Amacker (Switzerland): Cold chain-independent vaccines and needle-free vaccination by mucosal routes.

*Ruysschaert (Belgium): Cationic liposomes activate plant defence and protect them against pathogens.


Coffee Break


Chair: V. Rao

Fujii(USA): If your liposomes don’t stimulate an immune response, make a drug delivery vehicle. If they do, make a vaccine.

Nicolau(USA): Liposomal contribution to the immune therapy of “conformational” diseases.

Liposomes in Nucleic Acid Therapy

Chair: Kamps (The Netherlands)

Cullis (Canada): Design of lipid nanoparticle delivery systems to enable therapeutic applications of siRNA and mRNA.

*Witzigmann(Switzerland): A novel concept to optimize targeted nanomedicines: HBV-inspired liposomes as an example.


Mid-day Snack


PM     Liposomes in Nucleic Acid Therapy

Chair: Cullis

Scherman: Polyplexes for siRNA delivery.

Hart (UK): Mucus-penetrating nanoparticles for the delivery of nucleic acids to the lung airways.

Kamps: Endothelial NF-kB blockade by targeted liposomal

si-RNA delivery abrogates anti-MPO antibody-induced glomerulonephritis.


Coffee Break


Liposomes in Cancer Treatment

Chair: Allen (Canada)

Gabizon(Israel): Tailoring the platform of liposome-based cancer nanomedicines.

Torchilin (USA): Novel developments in lipid-based multifunctional combination nanopreparations against multidrug resistant cancer.

Huang (USA): Exploring the tumour microenvironment with liposomes.

*Arabi (Iran): Targeting of EpCAM marker with mAb improves cellular uptake and anti-tumour activity of liposomal DOX.


Conference Dinner


Monday 18 September

AM     Liposomes in Cancer Treatment

Chair: Szoka(USA)


Schroeder (Israel): Bar-coded liposomes gauge the personalised activity of medicines in the tumour microenvironment.

Schifellers (The Netherlands): Therapeutic efficacy of liposomal drugs in improved murine cancer models.

Maruyama (Japan): Ultrasonic theranostics for tumours: Neovasculature imaging and enhancement of ERP effect by lipid bubbles.

*Alavizadeh (Iran): Optimising stealth cisplatin liposomes by using mild hyperthermia and triggered contents release in vivo.


Coffee Break

Alternative Applications in Therapy

Chair: Antimisiaris (Greece)


Barenholz (Israel): Nano-mupirocin injection-Parenterally active mupirocin.

Oku(Japan): Usefulness of liposomal neuro-protectants for the treatment of ischemic stroke.

Brandl (Denmark): Towards a mechanistic understanding of the impact of lipids on intestinal drug absorption.

*Treusch (Denmark): Liposomes containing archaeal lipids as systems for the oral delivery of therapeutic peptides.


Mid-day Snack


PM       Alternative Applications in Therapy

Chair: Schroeder

Antimisiaris: Targeting the brain with liposomes: What we have learned so far.

*Turjeman (Israel): Liposomal steroids- From the bench to clinical research to clinical practice.

*Sieber (Switzerland): Zebrafish as an early stage tool to study the systemic circulation of nanoparticle drug delivery in vivo.

*Tagnaouti (Canada): Bringing scalability, speed and reproducibility in liposomal drug and vaccine manufacturing.

Allen: The coming medical revolution- Implications for drug delivery.


Working Coffee Break-General Discussion

Allen(Chair), Alving, Antimisiaris, Barenholz, Cullis, Gabizon, Jensen, Nicolau, M. Rao, Senior(UK), Shaw, Szoka, Wagner.


Closing remarks (Gregoriadis)